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lingo dead?

okay so i like to qoute the simpsons! come on guys! why no activity in this community?
jemima is fantabulous in so many ways!!!

lets get posting!!!!!!!!

since ive started yeah first noticed jemima in hex which just aired in australia a couple of weeks ago! i dont really think of it as the "next buffy" because buffy was in a league of its own but i still enjoy it! theres a few things that annoy me but i wont get into it due to me trying to complete many assignments! yeah i didnt notice she was nicky from asif! haha but whatever, shes better as thelma!
im excited for the black dahlia!!! which also has scarlett johansson! i wonder if they have any scenes together!
oh yeah shes a scorpio and scorpios rule because i am one!!!

theres my little intro!
now come on guys! get posting!!!!
support her!!

also made a bunch of icons!

use whatever im not fussed!

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